This is a defense map. 1 human in the left upper corner against 7 AI computer player at the bottom of the map. 3 custom Zerg/Protoss/Terran AI and 4 insane Zerg/Protoss/Terran AI. Play it like a Starcraft melee map with a more defensible position and some extras. Artaris will appear in second 200 and show you the extras like upgrade facility, market and Archon temple.

The map comes in two versions, the one with the intended map layout and one with an extra entrance to the human base. Lastly, I worked on the map layout and added the new S-shaped entrance to the human base. But now the AI is behaving strangely, it seems that the AI can no longer find the human base. In the version with the additional entrance, the AI can reach the human base directly and the attack behavior is the same as before. (Before I added the S entrance)

Is this a pathfinding error in Starcraft, or what could be the problem?

Map: IceFortress